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The Rolling Stones sang in 1965 about the reason why I’m looking for a new challenge:  I can’t get no satisfaction! Until 2005 there was an evolution in my career, I used to work in a team, with colleagues and we reached our goals together. When I started working on a free-lance basis, I gained a lot on the level of freedom, but the evolution of my career was on hold. Finding interesting projects gets harder every time due to assurances, responsibilities and the economical crisis. The projects on a free-lance basis aren’t always the most interesting ones and very often I am not satisfied on the intellectual and technical level. I want to get back my satisfaction! The main reason to look for a new job is to obtain satisfaction in work on all possible levels. To get this satisfaction I have several criteria: - finding myself between colleagues as a regular player in the team - working in an environment where I can develop myself and be successful individual as well as with the team. - express and share my technical creativity - explore new domains - share my knowledge with others - learn from others - reaching goals satisfying for everybody - using my knowledge and skills at 100%